A New Brand to Meet a New Moment

We at NYC & Company are excited to announce that we are now New York City Tourism + Conventions. Along with this change, we have launched a new destination brand system, aimed toward visitors. This brand system, which includes a new brand strategy and comprehensive visual identity, clarifies our focus and clearly affirms our mission and purpose to the world.

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New York City is the greatest destination the world has ever produced. Ablaze at a distance, this town is lit up at street level with a trillion possible experiences at any given moment. This electric promise, five boroughs full, attracts day-trippers, bucket list-ers, sightseers, first-timers, on-the-regulars, frequent-fliers and meetings-and-convention-ers. They come for the buzz of being right where it’s all happening.  ​

But what is happening? And where is it?​ 

Well, that’s a matter of opinion. The must-try bagels, pizza, ramen, roti, Caribbean bake and sunrise coffee. The can’t-miss symphonies, DJs spinning vinyl, hip-hop haircuts, sonic oases and visual mosh pits. The best corner for this. The fastest route to that. The once-in-a-lifetime performances on Broadway, Off-Broadway and nowhere near Broadway in four other boroughs. The vibrant beaches, bodegas, dining rooms and dance halls. Which way to all the Little Italys, Indias, Brazils, Sri Lankas, Chinatowns, night markets, daytime discos and barrio barbecues? What cross streets for high-end streetwear, curated thrift and fabulous couture? What’s happening in Brooklyn? When in Queens? Where in Staten Island? Who in the Bronx? How in Manhattan?​ 

Pound for pound, there is nothing better than a 100% authentic NYC point of view to help visitors navigate this abundance. And fortunately—we New Yorkers aren’t shy about sharing.

We are New York City Tourism + Conventions. As passionately opinionated New Yorkers ourselves, we know firsthand that the culture, spirit and economy of New York City fuel the constant flow of energy, ideas and activity of millions upon millions of perspectives. We rely on this “opinion power” to connect visitors to more profound and exhilarating NYC experiences across all five boroughs. By doing this, we help bring equitable, sustainable prosperity and community through tourism for the mutual benefit of all New Yorkers. 



The tourism authority of the five boroughs of ​New York City.


The economy, culture and spirit of New York City are fueled by the constant flow of energy, ideas and activity of locals and visitors alike.


Our members and the broader tourism industry of New York City.


Official tourism representation of the five boroughs of NYC around the world.

Connection of the tourism and hospitality industries to government.

A vast membership representing every borough and sector of the City's tourism economy.

A wealth of data and insight on
travel in NYC.

A complete ecosystem of promotion, tools and business building programs.

The support and partnership of
City Hall.


To help make New York City the most vital, diverse, equitable, exciting, accessible, energetic, vibrant, creative, welcoming city on earth.


To invite the world and energize the City, building equitable, sustainable economic prosperity and community through tourism for the mutual benefit of residents, businesses and visitors.







Brick Red
Ferry Orange
Lox Pink
Taxi Yellow
Rockaway Sand
Subway Green
Liberty Green
Coffee Cup Blue
Skyline Blue





Introducing New York City Tourism + Conventions

Our new destination brand is being rolled out to potential travelers around the world. Under this new brand system, we have recommitted and reaffirmed our support of New York City's travel and tourism economy, helping influence visitors and business audiences to choose NYC as their next destination and raising awareness of the importance of inbound travel to the vitality of the five boroughs.

Introducing New York City Tourism + Conventions to the World

In the coming months, we will create awareness of our rebranding and our mission to support New York City’s travel and tourism economy. In the process, we will provide business and leisure visitors alike with a deeper, richer and more authentic experience of NYC. In so doing, we will seek out the support of New Yorkers themselves, actively engaging residents through a variety of activations and channels to assist all neighborhoods across the City in benefiting from inbound travel. Visitors and New Yorkers share an abiding love for New York City. They have an opportunity to help each other by coming together to amplify the benefits of exploring the City across all boroughs, communities, neighborhoods and businesses. It is our role to foster and facilitate that connection.

Our brand launch campaign will use new digital tools, platform strategies and technologies to provocatively curate, target, personalize and deliver local points of view on the best ways to participate in the awe and wonder of being a visitor in New York City, and directly support the local economy.

Our new website, launching in Phase 2 of the rebrand this spring, is among the first steps in presenting our bold new face to the world. The site, nyctourism.com, will offer a compelling way to experience NYC Tourism + Conventions. With immersive video to place potential visitors directly into the heart of New York City, as well as intuitive design and an enormous breadth of inspirational and wayfinding content, the site serves as our new calling card—a first point of contact for visitors, near and far, to explore what the City has to offer, plan their trips and learn about our diverse communities. The site also features redesigned and refreshed sections for our membership, meeting planners, the travel trade and the media, along with areas for other stakeholders—all enticing ways for our partners to engage with us.

Rising Stars of NYC's Latino Community poster
It's Time for Culture Program ad on Instagram
NYC Local Legends bus poster

The brand will manifest first on our social channels, where we will engage visitors and locals to help us showcase NYC to potential travelers around the globe.

It will become our new visual language, with a simplified, coherent identity independent of city government, across all our B2C and B2B channels.

The full logo will serve as the identity for our B2B and corporate efforts, while the more direct New York City mark will appear in B2C materials.

The brand will materialize on our forthcoming website, debuting later this spring, which will be more intuitive, but with all the information visitors and our business audiences need to experience the best of the City.

For more information, read our press release.

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